15 Minute Fat Burning Workout Routine

Do you want to burn fat in a short time? Discover, then, a simple exercise routine. It will not take you more than 15 minutes a day.

In general, exercise routines to burn fat are associated with prolonged times and great physical efforts. But, not all are like that. The advantage of this, in particular, lies in the fact that it can be integrated into others. Of course, you can alternate with other exercises. Many people choose to do it as a warm-up; that is, before preparing to walk or run.

Tips prior to performing this exercise routine to burn fat


Before starting it, we recommend that you prepare the area in which you are going to exercise. Of course, this makes sense if you do your exercises at home . If you did them in the open air, you just have to make sure that the terrain and the weather conditions are right.

  • From the wrists to the ankles, you must stretch well. Do not forget to make rotating movements with the head and shoulders. This will help warm the body. The turns and bends of the neck, trunk and limbs, will put you in the best possible conditions to do the rest of the exercises that make up the routine.
  • Remember to rest a few seconds before beginning the next exercise.
  • Also, do not forget to drink water to avoid dehydration.
  • Program the stopwatch.

If you are resuming the exercises after a long time without exercising, it is best that you keep doing the exercise routine to burn fat for 15 minutes the first two weeks. Thus, you will create the necessary physical resistance before increasing the duration of it.

Once you have become accustomed, you can incorporate more exercises to burn fat. After only 3 weeks, you will begin to notice the benefits. In general, you will have a more toned body and, therefore, a better figure.

1. Squats with jump

The first exercise of this routine to burn fat are squats with jump. To do it, you must bear in mind that the separation between the feet must be the same distance between the shoulders. Also, take care that the tip of your feet are slightly tilted outwards.

Immediately and with a straight back,

  • Bring your hips back a little and bend your knees . Try that the angle formed by the muscles in relation to the legs is 90º.
  • Then, from that position, you will tense the muscles that are in the thighs to jump up.
  • Return to the initial position gently, so that the joints of the lower extremities do not suffer.

Do 12 repetitions.

2. One-arm push-ups


With this exercise, you will be able to exercise your strength like never before. It involves performing push-ups with just one arm.

  • Put yourself as if you were going to make plates.
  • When inhaling, flex your arms at a right angle to be able to lower a bit.
  • Raise the body when you exhale and touch the opposite shoulder with one arm.

Remember that the legs, back and neck should form a straight line. For best results, try to keep the muscles of the legs and abdomen contracted.

This exercise will be very effective if you do 12 repetitions with each arm. You could also do it with the knees to strengthen the legs.

3. Iron with jump

The initial position is the same as in the previous exercise. To perform this exercise, both your legs and your back and neck should form a straight line and your muscles be contracted.

When you inhale, bend your arms at a right angle so you can lower the trunk a little. And, on the contrary, it rises on exhaling until touching the opposite shoulder with the arm.

4. Iron with knee lift

It is an exercise in which you will have to make the iron so that the legs, back and neck are in a straight line. It is recommended that the muscles of the legs and abdomen be as tight as possible.

Remember that when you inhale you must flex your arms at a right angle to lower and that you have to raise when you exhale, to try to touch the opposite shoulder with one arm. The best thing would be to do 12 repetitions alternating the arms. Also, you could do the same exercise with the knees.

5. Jumps up and sides

Squat jumps 15 minute routine

To jump up and to the sides, you will have to make a semi-squat to the side. And, then, do the same to the other. Twelve repetitions will suffice to strengthen all the muscles involved in this dynamic exercise.

6. Iron with arm lift

To make this type of iron, the legs should be aligned with the back and neck. By contracting the muscles of the legs and abdomen, you must raise the right arm until it is parallel to the ground. Then, move the right leg to one side and repeat with the other. Do this exercise 6 times for the left side and another 6 for the right side.