3 Exercises To Firm The Legs

To have more flexibility in the legs, the ideal is to be consistent with these exercises. The usual practice will help you obtain better results and you will achieve greater general well-being.

There are different stretching routines that will help you to have a beautiful, toned, strong and elastic body.We will share with you some simple exercises that will allow you to increase leg flexibility.

Physical training is not only good to look good, but also to maintain the good health of your legs. Putting the body in motion avoids the feeling of fatigue , swelling and fluid retention in this area.

What does flexibility mean?

Flexibility is that the muscles of the body lengthen and adapt to different degrees of joint movement as widely as possible. Each body has its limits and its particular skills.

Exercises to have more flexibility in the legs.

Advantages of having a flexible body

Flexibility is a quality that develops , not a gift that you get while you watch TV series . Nor is it a skill that improves with the time you spend lamenting your rigidity. It is achieved by acting!

Stretching exercises will allow you to improve muscle strength, circulation, posture, balance and coordination . Not to mention that by doing so, the risks of injury to the ligaments and tissues diminish.

In the case of athletes, elasticity is ideal to increase speed and endurance . Also to increase the efficiency of the movement, to economize the displacements, to reinforce the knowledge of the own body and, among other things, to enhance the physical relaxation.

Stretching exercises to improve leg flexibility

Next, we will give you some tips to improve leg flexibility through three very effective and easy to perform stretching exercises.

1. Touch your feet without bending your knees

Woman and man stretching their legs with their hands on the floor
  • Take a deep breath . Stand up straight and put your heels together. If you prefer, you can have them slightly separated. Do it the way you feel more comfortable.
  • Next, contract the abdomen . Inhale through your nose and stretch your arms toward the sky, vertically. Then arch your back gently, taking care of the posture.
  • Straighten your back again and exhale through your nose as you lean forward. Try to get your hands to your feet while keeping your knees straight. If you do not get it, do not worry, over time you will gain elasticity.
  • Hold your posture for at least 30 seconds while you work on your breathing . Inhale again and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

2. Butterfly exercise

  • Sit on the floor, preferably on a yoga mat or towel . Join the soles of the feet in front of you and use both hands to hold them together.
  • Raise and lower your knees delicately, like the flutter of a butterfly . Leave the torso erect and allow the hands to continue around your feet to keep them together.
  • For 5 seconds, lower and raise your knees while you breathe. If you feel comfortable, you can tilt your head down to the rate at which your knees descend . Try to get your forehead as close as possible to your feet. Do it again at least 4 times more.

3. Stretch your legs sitting on the floor

Two women doing a leg stretch in a collective class on the floor.
  • Same as the previous exercise, this is also done sitting on the floor. The first thing you should do is open your legs to the sides as much as possible and leave them stretched out.
  • Inhale with the right torso and bring the arms to the sky. Then exhale while carrying the torso towards one of the legs. Stretch as if you were trying to touch the foot. The important thing is that you do not bend the knee or sharply bend the head.
  • Take a deep breath and return to the center gently. Now repeat the whole process with the other leg. To begin seeing results, you must do this exercise at least 20 times with each leg.

As you see, the exercises are very simple and are inspired by different yoga postures. This, in addition to increasing the flexibility in the legs, will make you feel more relaxed and with greater vitality.