5 Exercises To Lose Weight Without Surgery

The frequent practice of a series of exercises located and centered in this area can help us tone the neck area and reduce the chin.

With age, weight changes and impossible diets, our jowls may suffer flaccidity or be swollen. This, which at first may seem irremediable, can actually be solved if we carry out only 5 exercises to lose weight that do not require surgery.

Surgery is not the solution to all the problems we may have . If we have excess weight, we can do sports, and if we suffer from flaccidity, we can do exercises to tone up the parts of our body that we want.

We just need to be perseverant to start seeing results. Do you dare to do the following exercises to lose weight?

Exercises to lose weight double chin:

1. Give a kiss to the air

This first step of the exercises to lose weight is very simple to do. We just have to put the lips as if we were going to kiss in front. We have to force and exaggerate the kiss a lot to start noticing how our chin is being exercised .

  • What we are going to do is to bring our head slightly forward to enhance the exercise. Surely, now, we are noticing the stretch . Once we have given the kiss, we return to the initial position. We can do between 6 and 8 repetitions.
Young woman giving a kiss to the air as exercises for the gill.
  • Then, to give a kiss to the front, we can try to give a kiss upwards . This will make the stretch in our jowls much bigger. We will do, again, the relevant repetitions and we will proceed to change the exercise .

2. Jaw movement

This second step of the exercises to lose weight double chin is very effective . What we have to do is turn the jaw to the side. We can alternate first with the right and then with the left. At no time should there be movement of the head.

What must be moved is the jaw. We will try to move the teeth from the bottom to the front as much as possible as if we had prognathism . We will return to the initial position and repeat. This exercise should be done slowly. We will also do about 6 or 8 repetitions.

3. Exaggerating vowels

Although we all know how to pronounce the vowels, to exaggerate them can become an excellent exercise to reduce the double chin. To do so, we must stand in front of a mirror and pronounce each vowel stretching it as much as possible.

We have to put the mouth in the position of the vowel exaggerating its opening and the position of the lips . We can place a finger under our chins to realize how it is working. If we do not notice it, we have to exaggerate a little more. We will do a repetition with each vowel.

Woman opening her mouth.

4. Tongue to the nose

Are you one of those who are able to touch their nose with their tongues? Well this is another of the exercises to lose weight without surgery. It does not matter if we get to the nose or not. The only thing necessary is that we realize how this chin is working through this exercise.

For this, while doing the exercise we can place a hand or a finger on our jowls. We will do 6 slow repetitions in which we will try to touch the nose with the tongue and, later, we will return to the initial position.

5. Stress in the neck

The last of the exercises to lose weight is to tighten the neck . To do this we will close our mouths, tighten our teeth and exert all the tension with the neck. If we look in a mirror we will check if we are doing well or not.

It is important that when we perform this exercise not only notice the tension in the neck, but in the jowl . In the event that we can not feel the tension in the jowls , we have to try to perform the exercise again because we are not doing well.

In this case we will perform about 6 repetitions. As much with this last exercise as in the previous ones it is essential that we do not perform them in a hurry , but slowly and being aware of how we are doing them.

We can start doing these exercises to lose weight once every two days or three days a week. The important thing is that we acquire this as a habit , since it is important to do it frequently in order to obtain results.

If we only do these exercises when we remember, we will not see any change . However, if we persevere and establish a routine, we will see how our jowls become thinner.