5 Ways To Get An Enviable Waist

To achieve a fine and defined waist we must take into account different aspects, such as exercise, food and localized massages, and combine them to achieve the best results.

Many people seek to have an enviable waist . But how can this be achieved? Today we will discover how through a good diet and specific exercises this goal can be achieved.

One of the most difficult areas to treat and exercise is the waist , since it is the main fat deposit and the area where the most overweight is noticed .

Many people think that it is essential to go to a gym to have a sculptural body and this is totally false. You can keep a good routine at home.

If for reasons of time you can not exercise consistently, you can start by practicing certain techniques at home to start toning and have an enviable waist.

Routines for an enviable waist

There are infinities of tricks and techniques that can be used when working the waist , either exercises or diets and homemade recipes that complement the activity. Today we will discover some very fun routines we can do.

1. Hula hula or hula-hop

Hula hop

A very little known technique is to use the hula hula . Although it looks like a toy for children it is excellent for working the waist area .

The advantages of using it are that, apart from entertaining you, you will be exercising the middle part of your body.

A good way to carry out this routine is to rotate the device for about 5 minutes  (you must keep it circling around the waist).

You can also use 2 or 3 hoops to add some difficulty to the exercise.

2. Dancing

Dancing is one of the most complete exercises for the body . It helps reduce fat and keep our body firm and moving.

Taking dance lessons or perfecting a style like salsa, merengue, or whatever you prefer, will help you burn those deposits of fat that accumulate around your abdomen .

3. Exercises for the waist

A good way to start working the waist is to perform specific routines for this area. Among the most effective we find.


The crossed crunches

The abdominals with weight help tone the waist . You can use a ball or a weight for this.

  • Stand on the floor with your arms outstretched holding the weight.
  • Flex your legs a bit and place your back at 45 degrees.
  • Hold the position and turn your waist without flexing your arms.

Tip of the feet

This exercise is based on stretching and flexibility .

  • Stand up straight and open your legs.
  • With the left hand you should touch the tip of the left foot, and vice versa.
  • Repeat in sessions of 20 repetitions.


The best way to exercise your waist is by making turns in that area.

  • An excellent exercise is to place a tube or stick behind your neck and hold it behind with your arms.
  • This allows you a controlled turn that we must repeat at least 25 times to help define this area.


This time we are going to swim out of the water .

  • Stand face down on a mat and stretch your arms and legs.
  • Start making movements with both your legs and your arms , as if you were swimming.
  • It is advisable to do about 30 seconds of movement, rest about 5 and start again.

4. Reducing massage

Performing massages on this area is extremely effective. There are many reducing creams in the market, excellent for this function.

It is advisable to massage the area 3 times a week , preferably in the mornings before exercising.

Belly massage

A very good trick that serves to enhance the effect of massage is to cover this part with film or envoplast paper and let the cream rest for 40 minutes.

5. Home remedies and recipes

Lastly, we will refer to home remedies to maintain the waist.

These tricks are perfect to incorporate them into your daily exercise routine,or also to help your body burn fat .

  • Drink 2 liters of water per day.
  • Take a glass of water (200 ml) with lemon juice, fasting.
  • Consume green tea 3 times a day.
  • Drink a glass of carrot juice (200 ml) before each meal.

We hope that you introduce some of these routines in your life to enjoy an enviable waist . With consistency and maintaining a healthy diet, you will achieve this goal much sooner than expected.