5 Symptoms You Need To Eat More To Lose weight

Did you know that, when you restrict food, your brain can manifest the lack of energy and nutrients through headaches? We need to eat more so that he receives the dose of glucose he needs

Eating healthy, making 5 meals a day, does not mean not losing weight. We have associated that to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories , you have to go hungry. However, today we will discover some symptoms that you need to eat more to lose weight.

1. You are constantly hungry

Woman eating a salad

One of the first symptoms that you need to eat more to lose weight is that you are constantly hungry. We remind you that losing weight and going hungry do not have to go hand in hand .

Do you skip breakfast? No snacks? Do not you eat enough food? Try to make 5 meals a day . Make healthy meals with which you can ingest enough to feel satiated.

Constant hunger can take you to peck or swallow the first thing that appears in front of you just because you have a voracious appetite. If you distribute your meals wisely and eat healthy, you will not fall into temptation and you will not go hungry.

2. You suffer from severe headaches

Another symptom that you need to eat more to lose weight is that you start to suffer from severe headaches.

If this is not associated with any pathology such as migraine , migraine or is related to menstruation, then it is possible that it is not eating enough.

  • When you limit food, skip meals and do not eat properly because you are on a restrictive diet, your brain may not receive the glucose it needs to function properly.
  • At the moment when the brain does not receive its glucose dose it suffers a lack of energy that manifests with headaches . The solution lies in eating more and in an adequate way.

3. Procrastins

Woman procasting

The Procrastination could be defined as leave for tomorrow what we can do today for whatever reason. When we do not eat enough, we may feel weaker, weak and unwilling to do anything.

  • Normally, when we do not eat properly and go hungry, we do not sleep well either.
  • An adequate rest supposes a difference between a day with a great performance and another one of a lousy performance . When sleeping badly, we have more possibilities to procrastinate and distract ourselves.

If, in addition, to this we add the possible headache that we may suffer, then procrastination is assured. It is very necessary that we eat what is necessary to feel with strength and desire to carry our responsibilities up to date.

4. You get irritated by everything

One of the symptoms that many people often describe as  is that I’m hungry  is to become irritable. Suddenly, we find ourselves in a state of constant bad humor . It seems that everything bothers us, everything makes us jump.

  • This may be because we are not giving our body what it needs. Thus, we feel uncomfortable because of that constant feeling of hunger.
  • In addition, our discomfort may increase if we eat what we should not, some bun or some chocolate . This can make us blame ourselves.

5. You do not go to the bathroom regularly

Woman drinking water

When you do not go to the bathroom on a regular basis, there is something in your diet that is not adequate . Unless you suffer from chronic constipation , it is most likely that you are not hydrating properly.

If you do not eat the amount of food your body needs to have energy and function normally, it is very likely that you are not hydrating either. Let’s not forget that food favors us to drink.

When we do not consume enough water our intestinal cycle can be affected. Similarly, we must review what nutrients, such as fiber, we are depriving ourselves by eating less.

These are some symptoms that you need to eat more to lose weight because, as we have mentioned, eating less and bad can cause us to lose weight, but at what price? Also, let’s think about the rebound effect …

We can take off those extra kilos without making our well-being suffer . We do not have to feel upset, or deprive ourselves of eating what we need. Because being on a diet or wanting to lose weight does not mean we’re going to go hungry.

Simply, you have to acquire new eating habits, make more small meals and eat healthier (fruits, vegetables, etc.).