5 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism To The Maximum

Did you know that for your metabolism to work to the maximum you should not stop eating, but make more meals throughout the day? Find here other tips to raise the performance of these functions of your body.

To improve your well-being and contribute to the burning of fats, it is convenient to control and accelerate the functioning of the organism. In this sense, a slow metabolism will hinder weight loss . Therefore, we show you these tips to make your metabolism work to the fullest.

With these guidelines and tips you can speed up your metabolism and, with it, all the chemical processes that occur in each of your cells. An accelerated metabolism favors the rapid loss of weight and enables a greater calorie burn, even when no physical activity is being carried out .

This is what the basal metabolism is about; It consists of the amount of energy that our body consumes to function during the day. More calories are needed to maintain muscle than fat. Therefore, achieving a greater amount of muscle in the body and reducing fat will help accelerate metabolism.

Therefore, to make our metabolism work to the maximum, we must perform physical exercise regularly and, of course, maintain a healthy diet.

How to make the metabolism work to the fullest

1. Develop your muscles

We must try that our metabolism works to the maximum.

Strength training will make us gain muscle mass; This is just as important as performing a good aerobic workout. For that reason, we must spend time lifting weights, using gym machines or performing push-ups and sit-ups . They even deserve more attention than aerobic exercises, such as running, cycling or swimming.

Even when we do not move, muscles burn calories, due to their high energy needs. Thus, increasing muscle mass will accelerate the basal metabolism;  In this way, the body will burn more calories throughout the day just by running.

2. The importance of doing HIIT

It is good to do hiit to take care of the metabolism.

The HIIT is a type of training based on performing high intensity intervals. In this type of exercise,  small intervals of high intensity are alternated while performing aerobic activity .

As an example, we can perform several races at maximum speed while running or cycling to the fullest while riding a bike.

This method is an excellent way to burn calories. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that a regular aerobic exercise is not ideal for spending energy , since, after some time during physical activity, the body adapts the calorie burn.

In contrast, since HIIT introduces high intensity intervals during physical activity, it forces the body to spend a greater amount of energy.

3. Eat often

For the metabolism to work to the maximum, it is convenient to reduce the time between each food intake . If you spend a lot of time without eating, the blood sugar level is reduced, which makes us feel tired and the metabolism slows down.

Therefore, eating more often will cause our digestive system to be active longer and more frequently. This helps to accelerate the metabolism. It may be enough to take a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit every couple of hours, at least.

In addition, eating often will reduce appetite throughout the day, which allows better control of the amount of food eaten. With this reduction, the consumption of calories is reduced and the metabolism is maintained faster.

4. Add spicy foods

Spicy spices can be of different types.

Spicy foods, such as chili, cayenne or hot peppers,  contain a substance known as capsaicin . This compound is what causes the body sude to consume spicy foods. But its effects are not only there.

Capsaicin also helps reduce body fat, because it induces the death of immature fat cells. In short, eating spicy more often can promote weight loss and elimination of lipids .

5. Prioritizes protein intake

The digestive system takes more time and must use more energy to break down and assimilate protein-rich foods compared to others rich in fats or sugars. In fact, the body has to spend between 20% and 30% of the calories it gets from the ingested proteins only to assimilate them.

For its part, carbohydrates only cost between 5% and 15% of calories. In addition, while carbohydrate-rich foods are stored in the form of fat, proteins serve to create muscle mass .

A diet rich in proteins favors muscle gain and will be a key point for the first tip of this list. In short, all these suggestions are closely related to each other. It is just a matter of changing habits and giving our body a help so that our metabolism works to the maximum.