5 Abs Workout Without Complications

To train your abs effectively you do not always have to go to the gym. If you have little time you can do a simple routine in any free space of your house

Who said that to train your abs you have to complicate a gym routine? While it is true that you must strive with exercise, you do not necessarily have to use tools and intensive routines to achieve good results.

Estilizing the abdomen takes a long time and requires a balance between healthy eating and exercise. However, contrary to what many think, there are ways to work the muscles at home with simple routines that break any excuse.

Although its effects are not as fast as those obtained with a personal trainer, they begin to notice in a short time if they are practiced constantly. Next we want to share in detail 5 options so you do not hesitate to start right now.

1. DeadBug

Woman doing DeadBug.
Abdominal training: Deadbug

Although its name is a little strange, it is an abdominal exercise with benefits on coordination. Since it works the upper and lower abdomen, it is perfect for those who want to tone .

How to do it to train your abs?

  • Lie on your back on a yoga mat, with your legs stretched out and your hands at the sides of your hips.
  • Then, without separating the back of the surface, lift the left leg towards the ceiling until it is well stretched.
  • While doing the leg movement, stretch the arm over your head, until forming a right angle with the leg raised .
  • Then, return to the starting position with a slow movement and change sides.
  • Perform alternate movements with both legs until completing 10 repetitions.

2. Russian drafts

Russian gyros are an activity to train your abdominals effectively. Not only work the oblique area, but strengthen the high and low musculature. What is the password? In order not to lose balance, it is essential to focus strength on the abdomen .

How to make them?

  • Stand face up on the mat and bend the upper trunk until you are almost seated.
  • Then, separate your legs from the floor and keep your feet together.
  • Stretch your arms without flexing them and keep the palms of your hands holding each other.
  • Tilt your torso a little backwards and swing the upper trunk towards the right side .
  • Hold for a couple of seconds and repeat the operation to the other side. Perform 6 repetitions per side.

3. Bicycle lying down

Woman doing the bicycle lying down.
Abdominal training: bicycle lying down.

This position to train your abs, also known as “Bicycle Crunch”, is positioned as one of the most complete exercises to tone and strengthen . Thanks to the effort involved, allows the work of the entire rectus abdominis at the same time.

How to do it?

  • Stay on your back on the mat, with your back straight and your legs straight.
  • Put your hands behind your neck, pointing your elbows outwards.
  • Afterwards, raise the right knee and make it meet the left elbow .
  • Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise exchanging knee and elbow.
  • Perform alternate movements until completing 10 repetitions per side.

4. Mountain climber or climber

If you want to train your abs and do cardiovascular exercise, you will love this activity. The posture that is adopted centers work on both the lower abdominals and the upper abdominals. However, due to the movement, it also increases the pulsations .

How to do it?

  • Stand face down, resting on the ground with your hands, so that they are just below the shoulders.
  • Make sure your body is in a straight position, also resting on the tips of your feet.
  • Next, squeeze your abs and bring one of the knees forward. Although at first it costs you work, the idea is that the knee reaches the height of the chest .
  • Return to the starting position and do the same movement with the other knee.
  • Complete 12 repetitions with each side.

5. Abdominal scissors

Woman doing scissors
Abdominal training: scissors

To end this simple routine, we recommend a classic of the abs: the scissors. Although at first sight it seems an easy exercise, as the repetitions are made, you can feel the tension in the whole belly and the obliques.

How to do it?

  • Lie on your back with your palms touching the floor, just below the buttocks.
  • Without separating the arms from the mat, lean a little forward and raise your legs a few inches from the ground.
  • Next, lift one of the two legs above the hips and form a 90 degree angle.
  • Hold the position for a couple of seconds and go back down, without resting your leg on the ground.
  • Raise the opposite leg and repeat the operation.
  • Perform between 12 and 15 repetitions.

Have you wanted to train your abs and do not have much time? Go ahead and do this simple routine ! As you see, you do not need special materials, nor much space . With just a few minutes a day you can fight to have your abdomen more stylized.