6 Effective Ways To Control Your Hormones And Prevent Weight gain

Just as there are foods that can make us gain weight, to avoid it and keep our hormones stabilized we can follow a series of guidelines that will help us gain health

For a long time, specialists advised that the best way to lose weight was to eat less and exercise more. Currently, most researchers realize that this advice is too simple to address the complicated problem of those who tend to gain weight easily.

Hormones and genetics play an important role in weight problems . While you can not do anything with the genes you were born with, you can influence your diet through the levels of hormones that affect overweight and obesity. How is it possible?

Ways to control the hormones that make you gain weight

Although many overlook it, weight is largely controlled by hormones. Research shows that hormones affect the regulation of appetite and the amount of stored fat. Therefore, to avoid gaining weight, we must try to have a hormonal balance.

1. Try to maintain a high fiber intake and little sugar

Increase fiber intake

The insulin is one of the most linked hormones when it comes to gaining weight, because it stimulates cells to take sugar and store it in your body as fat. This can become a vicious circle: as you gain weight, your body requires more insulin to reduce the sugar in the cells . These, in turn, make you gain weight.

If your diet is low in sugars and high in fiber you will have fewer problems controlling insulin levels naturally. This is because fiber breaks down slowly in your body and helps you avoid drastic increases in blood sugar.

Fiber also helps improve digestion and keep you satisfied for longer, making it easier to lose weight. You can find it in healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds.

2. Eat protein during the day

Protein is important because it helps regulate a hormone called ghrelin . You may not have heard of it, but it is very important when it comes to gaining weight, since it is the so-called “hunger hormone”.

High levels of this hormone will make your brain tell you “feed me now!”, When it really is not necessary. However, the protein helps suppress this hormone and turn off the false signals it sends.

It does not have to be of animal origin like meat, eggs or dairy. Nuts, seeds and legumes such as beans, lentils or peas are another protein alternative for which you can choose.

3. Choose your dairy with wisdom

Dairy foods.

Unless you are intolerant to lactose , dairy products as such are not bad for you. However, you must choose them wisely.  Many companies in the dairy industry use artificial growth hormones in their cows for many years to stimulate greater production of milk and meat.

These hormones were not designed for humans, so they may relate very closely to gaining weight. Always choose organic or labeled milk products as “hormone-free”. In this way you can enjoy them without worrying about the effects they can have on your weight in the long term.

4. Be careful with the grains

Grains and seeds with gluten, especially whole ones, are not necessarily bad for everyone. However, when you have problems with thyroid hormone, it is a good idea to reduce your consumption significantly. Several studies have shown that a diet rich in gluten usually has slower hormone effects to a greater degree .

The hormones thyroid play an important role when you want to avoid gaining weight as they help regulate metabolism. The lower your thyroid levels, the  slower your metabolism will be and the harder it will be for you to lose weight.

5. Avoid soy products

Soy and its derivatives

Soy can be a complicated product. While it is low in fat, low in calories and rich in plant proteins, it also contains chemicals called phytoestrogens. These can block the real estrogen in your body. When your estrogen levels are stable, those of a hormone called leptin are also optimized.

Leptin is important in terms of weight, since it regulates the feeling of fullness. When the leptin in your body is at a normal level, you feel satisfied when you eat what you owe.  For this reason, it is best to avoid soy when your intention is to lose weight.

6. Cut caffeine consumption

The coffee or tea are rich in antioxidants and health benefits. However, when it comes to avoiding weight gain, you may want to consider reducing your caffeine intake.

Caffeine can raise the levels of cortisol , which is the hormone that responds to stress and can cause obesity in your abdominal area, since it redistributes fat from the arms and legs to the abdomen.

coffee with flavors etra

So, if you are looking to lose weight, minimize your consumption of caffeinated beverages; Also included are the equivalents that claim to be decaffeinated. These changes in your diet are not necessarily based on how many calories you consume, but on the components that contain the foods you eat regularly.

Hormones play a fundamental role when it comes to gaining weight . If you know how to keep them under control and use them for your own benefit, it will be easier for you to achieve your weight loss goals .

Remember that if you want to make a major change in your diet or eating habits, it is best to consult with your trusted doctor or nutritionist.