7 Common Mistakes When Dieting To Lose Weight

In the search for a diet to lose weight you can make mistakes that prevent achieving good results. Know some of those mistakes and try to avoid them.

We know that a balanced diet and the regular practice of physical exercise are the keys to lose weight and keep it stable.

However, in the search for quick results, some people fall into errors that eventually become an obstacle to achieving the goal. For example, take “shortcuts” to lose weight quickly that can  affect health .

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Common mistakes when wanting to lose weight quickly

Understanding that a slim and slender figure is not achieved overnight is crucial to make the right decisions. For this, we share here  7 mistakes that you should avoid when you want to lose pounds  through healthy eating habits.

1. Choose strict hypocaloric diets

Restrictive diets

The hypocaloric or “miracle” diets usually give obvious results in a few days. However, it is essential to note that they usually have a nutrient deficit that can affect health. 

As a consequence, metabolic disorders can arise which, in short, will lead to an easy recovery of the lost weight. In addition, since they lack essential nutrients, muscle mass can be compromised, as can the bone system.

2. Delete a main meal

Skipping one of the main meals is a mistake that many make with the idea of ​​saving calories to lose weight. The truth is that this habit can affect the metabolism and, in the long term,  can influence the weight gain.

The nutritionists and experts in the field recommend having at least 3 main meals, moderating food portions and balancing.

3. Trust too much in light packaging

Base the diet on light and whole foods

The food industry knows that green packages or “light” labels are very attractive for consumers trying to lose weight.

Although many of the “light” foods contain fewer calories than their normal presentations, the fact of having this type of label does not mean that they are healthier. It is important to understand that they also provide calories and, in addition, contain food additives that can be harmful to the body.

The most worrisome is that some tend to consume them in excess because they believe that being “light” does not provide calories or products that can be harmful. It is important to read food labels, even when they are advertised as “healthier”. 

4. Suppress fat sources

High-fat foods are the main causes of overweight, obesity and other metabolic disorders that affect health. However, the body needs a certain amount of these substances to function.

Therefore, you must learn to differentiate good from bad fats . For example, it is preferable to eat  unsaturated fatty acids that are found, among others, in the following foods:

  • Olive oil
  • Flax seeds
  • Avocado
  • Blue Fish
  • Sunflower seeds

5. Eat too much salt

The salt

The salt itself does not add to or add calories to the diet, but it can produce an increase in body weight due to  fluid retention . In turn, fluid retention overexpresses organs such as the heart and kidneys causing health problems. Therefore, moderate salt intake is part of the advice to achieve a healthy diet .

Consequently, although the  sodium  of the salt is necessary in the body, it is advisable to  moderate the salt intake  to take care of the normal functioning of the organism.

6. Do not drink enough water

Water is a fundamental component of the body and metabolism. Metabolic reactions in the body use and release water. Therefore, hydration is essential to maintain a correct rhythm of metabolism.  In addition, they enhance the processes responsible for detoxifying the body .

7. Include few vegetables


Fresh and raw vegetables are usually the best allies of all diet plans to lose weight. They are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that benefit metabolism and fat loss .

Its high nutritional quality and low caloric value makes it an essential complement to any diet.

So, now that you have identified some errors in the diet, try to avoid them so as not to fail in your plan to reach your ideal weight.