7 EASY And Effective Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting

The key to losing weight is not just eating less, but doing it better. It is likely that we should reeducate ourselves to make our meals as healthy and satisfying as possible

Losing weight is that almost impossible adventure that we often initiate and that we are not always able to achieve.

It does not matter that you have a couple of kilos or ten: we are all clear that, when it comes to following a diet, what we need, above all, is will.

To lose weight with health it is not enough to reduce the consumption of saturated fats or those sweets that fill with happiness many of our moments throughout the day.

It is not about eating less, but eating better .

Hence, today we want to give you 7 tips. These can help you to further improve your strategies to achieve not the figure you want, but your ideal weight , that with which reflects the well-being and health.

1. Before eating, analyze your emotions

One of the first steps to improve our eating habits is to ask ourselves, in the first place, if we really eat because we are hungry or because we crave.

  • There are times when food acts as a way to channel our emotions .
  • After a bad day, for example, it is common to get home and eat anything that satisfies anxiety. This can be a pizza or a packet of crackers.

Before sitting at the table or opening the refrigerator , we should stop and reflect. Is it really time to eat? Am I really hungry or do I just want to peck?

2. Prepare your own food

spinach wok

There is a fact that is always interesting to remember: the act of cooking is an indispensable part of one’s own diet.

If you want to eat well, if you want to lose weight, prepare your own food .

  • In addition, it is a sensational way to motivate our mind so that it understands that it is necessary to always look for foods of good quality, natural and healthy.

3. You must see everything you’re going to eat in one dish to lose weight

dish counts nutrients

With this simple strategy we continue to educate our brain to reduce emotional hunger .

The fact of seeing everything we are going to eat in a single dish can help us feel more satiated.

We go from one flavor to another, we jump from flavor to flavor and texture to texture, enjoying much more of the food itself.

4. At what time of the day do you have more cravings for the sweet?

We must know our own body and its needs. Thus, we can take a better diet and promote weight loss.

  • There is always some time of the day throughout your days when you feel more need to eat sweet . Discover when it is
  • Also, there are certain situations that can trigger this need: a disappointment, a problem at work, etc.
  • Keep in mind that there is an instant of the day when our metabolism works better . This is at breakfast . Thus, the calories ingested during this meal are metabolized more quickly.

Beyond those hours, we need to moderate.

5. When it’s time to eat, eat. Do not do anything else

yogurt with strawberries

The current diet is characterized by several factors that hinder it. In addition, these can detract from quality and hinder weight loss.

  • Sometimes, and due to work, we hardly have time to eat. We do it in 15 minutes, quickly and surrounded by multiple stimuli, sounds, people, etc.
  • Another common aspect is that while we eat we watch television, we listen to the mobile phone , etc.

The ideal, and whenever possible, is to focus only on the food itself: a spoonful, chew, taste, swallow .

6. Full mouth, empty hands

woman eating an apple

This is another simple strategy that will allow us to feel more satiated, enjoy the food and better manage emotional hunger.

  • When you are eating and you are chewing, try to keep your hands empty.
  • That way we set a pace and do not get ahead of ourselves. It is not about bringing another ration to the mouth without first having chewed those foods well.

We will do better digestion , we will absorb nutrients better and we will feel more satiated.

7. Reformulate certain aspects that have taught you about feeding

We have all internalized without realizing any other mandate inherited from our parents, grandparents or other relatives.

These would be some simple examples of these erroneous and unhealthy ideas:

  • You have to finish everything on the plate.
  • You have to dip bread in all meals.
  • Drink plenty of water while you eat, this way you will do better digestion.
  • You have to eat first course, second course and dessert.

Let’s now correctly reformulate these ideas:

  • You have to eat until you feel satisfied. It is not obligatory to eat everything on the plate . Therefore, it may be advisable to serve smaller quantities.
  • In any diet to lose weight it is necessary to moderate the consumption of bread. In any case, choose one rich in fiber, like rye.
  • When  drinking water , it is best to do it before or after meals .
  • Eating starter, main course and dessert often means ingesting an excess of food.

As we have indicated before, it is best to place everything we are going to eat in the same dish. This way we will make sure to include an adequate portion of proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc.

If you have liked these tips, you can start today to apply these simple formulas in your diet.