8 Facts About Eliminating Fat

If our goal is to eliminate fat to lose weight there are some concepts that we must be very clear so that this loss does not harm us or influence our muscle mass

Losing weight can be very difficult for some people. In most cases, what you surely want to achieve is to eliminate fat . This is because beneath that layer of fat hides your attractive and sculptural body.

If you resort to very drastic methods to lose weight, you will sacrifice your muscle mass, and you will only manage to feel more hungry and weak. This is not what you are looking for, is it?

Therefore, you have to look for how to reduce body fat while maintaining your muscle mass .

Here we leave you 8 fantastic tips that can help you reach that sculptural body that you deserve.

Tips to eliminate fat

1. Dieting does not mean going hungry

Adopt extreme hypocaloric diets

When you try to lose body fat you should eat less than what you are burning. In other words, it’s about having a calorie deficit in your diet.

Try experimenting with your diet, while maintaining calories. That is, seeks to stabilize the calories you need to maintain your current weight.

If you reduce the calories to dangerously low levels you will result in the loss of muscle with the fat you are burning.

We recommend that you use a calculator to estimate what will be a good starting point for your meal plan.

The best thing would be to go to the nutritionist to make the complete assessment.

2. Be careful with cardiovascular activity

When your diet is at the right point, cardio can accelerate the burning of fat by using more calories . However, if you let yourself go, you can begin to damage your progress.

Excess of intense cardio can cause your muscles to disappear along with fat by converting your metabolism to catabolic. This will make you feel exhausted, limp and tired.

A fantastic way to incorporate cardiovascular activity is limiting it to 3 sessions of 30 minutes a week. This will help your body to eliminate fat quickly.

3. Lifting weights increases muscle mass


Exercising with weights serves to increase muscle mass. This greater muscle mass implies a greater expense in the basal metabolism, as well as during exercise.

4. Control excess carbohydrate intake

Lowering carbohydrate intake is not the answer for everything. However, you can obtain many benefits if you decrease carbohydrates and increase the proteins and fats in your diet.

If you completely deprive yourself of carbohydrates for a long time, you will begin to lose muscle mass and you will have the sensation of loss of energy.

Manipulate carbohydrates mainly before and after your workouts to eliminate fat and get better results.

5. Be realistic with time for your transformation


Do not establish unrealistic expectations. Otherwise, your impatience will lead you to take more drastic measures.

Depending on the amount of body fat you need to eliminate, you must set goals for at least 3 months of true commitment to your cause.

If you take your training seriously, you can see yourself as a different person at this time. Make sure you keep track of your calorie consumption, control your weight beforehand and keep a photo log.

This will help you have a more obvious perception of your physical appearance and how it improves over time.

6. Hunger is normal

If you follow your diet to the letter it is likely that, sometimes, you feel a bit hungry. Otherwise, something goes wrong in the “calorie department”.

If you severely restrict your calories and suddenly feel no more hungry, your metabolism may have slowed down. What you need is to accelerate to help you eliminate fat.

You should feel a  moderate hunger when you wake up and between meals, but not in excess . You can use a “cheat meal” to get your metabolism back on track.

One trick that can help you maintain your fast metabolism is to eat a grapefruit before sleeping.

7. Get enough rest

Dieting can have effects on sleep. It may be harder for you to sleep if you feel a little hungry.

However, it is recommended that you have at least 8 hours of quality sleep . Many of the processes to eliminate fat occur during this time.

Also consider the possibility of taking a melatonin supplement to help you fall asleep.

Another option is to consume a small nocturnal snack of carbohydrates, such as oats, before going to bed. As long as your daily calories are under control, this will not hurt your progress.

8. 3 drinks that boost your metabolism

These three drinks are great allies when it comes to eliminating fat and losing weight. 99% of the time it is better to choose natural water without flavor, but the other two options are excellent complements.

Choose the one you need according to the moment.


  • Water: It is essential for all kinds of bodily functions, in addition to to increase the metabolism.
  • Green tea: Contains many beneficial antioxidants for weight loss.
  • Coffee: Caffeine increases your metabolism and helps you have energy.

In conclusion

If you want to lose weight you should follow a healthy and balanced diet and practice sports daily, because if you do not exercise your muscle mass can be sacrificed.