8 Foods You Need To Stop Eating

These recommendations that we bring you will allow you to lose weight by just substituting 8 foods that add excessive calories to your daily diet.

Do you want to reduce the amount of calories you consume per day and do not know how to achieve it without going hungry? Pay attention to these recommendations that we bring you. They will allow you to achieve it just by substituting 8 foods that add more calories to your daily diet.

So you will see how you can reduce significantly the amount of calories you eat in your day to day without hardly making efforts that end up giving you more hunger or putting you in a bad mood . Keep reading and find out what foods you should avoid.

1. Ice cream

Ice creams are foods that add excessive calories

The first of the foods that add extra calories to your diet is ice cream. Do you like ice cream and you would not want to give up the pleasure of giving yourself a treat? Replace the chocolate ice cream with the fruit ice cream .

Simply with this gesture you will go from eating 227 calories for a serving of two balls to 132. You will also reduce the amount of fat you drink.

2. Cupcakes

If you like muffins or muffins , but you usually take them chocolate pay attention. You can not give them up if you eat ginger . While the chocolate option will provide 535 calories per serving, ginger will do the same with 230 calories.

You must bear in mind that chocolate is quite caloric. So, if your body asks you to eat something sweet, you can do it through this alternative based on ginger and you will take care of your diet.

3. Tuna

Tuna in oil and other foods that add more calories

Reducing the calories you eat through a can of tuna will be much easier than you might think. And it will be as simple as replacing the tuna in sunflower oil with the natural one.

In this way and through this simple gesture you will achieve that a can of tuna contains 96 calories and not 190 as it happens with cans of tuna in oil.

In addition you will not lose any of the properties of this type of product. Despite having less fat retains vitamins (A, B12, D, E), amino acids and minerals (iodine, potassium, iron, phosphorus).

4. Snacks

If you occasionally give yourself a little treat and take a snack, think that popcorn, for example, are less caloric than nuts . 100 grams of mix of nuts have something more than 600 calories, while the same amount of popcorn contributes 375 calories.

5. Cookies, another of the foods that add excessive calories to our daily diet

Cookies are another food that add more calories to the diet

Another of the foods that add excessive calories are cookies. We usually take them between meals to last better until the next meal, but this is not the best option you have at your fingertips. If you want to eat an aperitif you should keep in mind that cookies have more sugar than the body needs.

In this way you can choose fruit pieces through which you will get a good amount of vitamins and mineral substances necessary to spend the day.

6. Cereals

Oats can be the perfect substitute for your cereals. Oatmeal with fruit or nuts may be a healthier choice than cereals that are already prepared. Flavors and sugars are added to the prepared mixes so that you want to eat them in much larger quantities.

For this large amount of additives, the caloric content of these two foods is different. And is that while oats  have 184 calories per 100 grams, prepared cereals have 375.

7. Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the foods that add excessive calories

Believe it or not, opting for frozen potatoes instead of fresh ones will make you eat less . If you eat frozen potatoes, you will feel sated longer.

Why does this happen? Frozen potatoes contain a healthier type of starch that does not awaken the sensation of hunger.

8. Chips

If you usually take chips, opt for vegetables that you can even prepare at home. It is a much less caloric option than conventional potato chips that you can buy. These are the foods that add excess calories to our diet.

In this way, the bag chips can have something more than 500 calories at 100 grams. The  chips homemade vegetables, on the other hand, have 221 calories.

Remember that the amount of daily calories depends on certain factors. You can use a calculator to know how many you need. However, it is always advisable to visit a nutritionist before starting a diet. 

So now you know if you want to lose weight and be toned you will have to learn not to eat certain foods and reduce portions , in addition to following these tips. Without a doubt, a caloric reduction that should be taken into account!