8 Superfood That Burns Belly Fat

The accumulation of abdominal fat is much more than an aesthetic problem, it is a health problem. But there are foods that if you consume them regularly, can help you reduce or prevent the accumulation of abdominal fat

The accumulation of abdominal fat is a problem that, in addition to affecting the figure, is an indicator of cardiovascular risk . The healthy measure of the abdominal contour is that which is less than half the height. If this measure is higher, the risk of suffering cardiovascular disorders is greater.

The abdominal fat accumulates around some of the main organs of the body, called visceral fat, giving rise to different disorders:

  • Alterations of cholesterol.
  • Increase in triglycerides.
  • Increase the risk of suffering from diabetes.
  • Alter blood pressure.

All these factors favor the development of cardiovascular diseases . The accumulation of fat is a consequence of genetic and hormonal factors and of following unhealthy habits such as poor diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle or stress.

1. Almonds

almonds to burn abdominal fat

The healthy fats that contain almonds and other nuts are useful for reducing cholesterol and anxiety for overeating. Due to the high intake of magnesium, its habitual intake favors the maintenance  of muscle mass and improves performance during physical activity . In addition, due to its significant contribution of fiber, it improves digestion and prolongs the sensation of satiety.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is known as one of the main superfoods to deal with abdominal fat. It is composed of 91% water and also provides antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote the purification of the body.

Its intake keeps the desire to eat under control and, because it is so low in calories, it represents a healthy option to help you lose weight. Watermelon isalso a source of B vitamins and vitamin C, as well as potassium and magnesium.

3. Beans

Beans to lose abdominal fat

Beans, because of their high soluble fiber content, are satiating, and help to prevent the accumulation of abdominal fat. In addition, they help reduce the accumulation of lipids in the arteries. Also, for their proteins, they are an energetic food that enhances physical performance during sports activities.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber contains more than 90% water and barely calories , because of these qualities it becomes a food of choice in diets.

It has vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber that  contribute to the elimination of toxins and liquids retained in the tissues In addition, it helps to preserve radiant skin thanks to its contribution of vitamins B and C.

5. Oatmeal

The oatmeal organic is one of the healthiest sources of fiber that can be incorporated into daily diet.

This controls the desire to eat, stabilizes blood sugar levels and increases energy expenditure throughout the day. It is recommended for breakfast, although it can also be eaten at times when the sensation of hunger becomes present.

6. Flax seeds

The flaxseeds are one of the best plant sources of omega 3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient that helps fight  inflammation and reduce excess fat.

It contains fiber that helps control excessive caloric intake and high cholesterol levels. In addition, due to its high contribution of lignans, a natural fat-burning nutrient , it is useful to reduce abdominal fat.


7. Olive oil

People who include olive oil in their diet favor their cardiovascular health. They delay the aging of the heart because they help to reduce cholesteroland improve the functioning of the arteries.

The polyphenols present in olive oil have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. This causes that the cholesterol does not accumulate in the walls of the arteries and that, therefore, they perform their function without problems.

8. Tomatoes

A large tomato provides a minimum of 33 calories and large amounts of lycopene and essential minerals. Its regular consumption stabilizes the fats present in the blood and, incidentally, activates the metabolism to combat abdominal fat.

They also provide antioxidants and vitamins that, in the long term, prevent several types of cancers, cardiovascular diseases and disorders associated with premature aging. Consuming these foods and exercising regularly has many benefits to achieve the desired weight .


If you want to lose weight, keep in mind these foods combined with physical exercise 3 times a week at least 30 minutes .