9 Foods You Ned To Avoid For A Successful Diet

If we want our diet to be really effective it will always be better that, instead of opting for ready-made salads or smoothies, we can make them ourselves to avoid hypercaloric ingredients.

When we are dieting, we must be careful with the food we eat because many times not everything is what it seems . In the same way that there are certain foods that are not so caloric, there are others that are very energetic, even more than we could think.

It is very common that at the time of dieting certain foods that appear to be low in calories are consumed, the so-called “food lights”. However,  there is a reality that we do not know and many times these foods can also spoil the diet.

For this reason, throughout this article we want to leave a series of deceptive foods. So, if you are trying to lose weight, you can avoid them and achieve your goal more easily .

1. The sushi


There is a belief that sushi is low in calories, in addition to a very healthy product, but be careful, because there are important nuances in this .

  • For example, you should avoid the rolls with spicy mayonnaise, fried tempura and cream cheese that have a large amount of fat.
  • As for the sauces that should accompany the sushi, it is best that you opt for the light option and avoid the fried ones.

2. Granola

Although granola  is very healthy, the truth is that it is not a recommended food if you want to lose weight because it is a great contribution of calories.

  • Thus, we must be clear that its consumption should be conscientious , in small quantities and combined with exercises with a moderate to intense intensity level.

3. The Caesar salad

Beware of salads, because there are some of the most deceptive. And it is not because they make lettuce the base of the dish are less caloric. A sample of this is the Caesar salad.

  • It is a dish that supposes a great contribution of calories, starting with the pieces of bread, the yellow cheese and the sauce, a hypercaloric mixture that you should avoid if you are dieting .
  • Better opt for a salad based on tomato, lettuce, asparagus and corn dressed with olive oil .

4. Cereal bars

Be careful with cereal bars because although they seem a snack of the healthiest and low in calories, the truth is that it is not.

  • Like granola, commercial cereal bars are a great caloric contribution and there is no abuse of their consumption .
  • In addition, it contains trans fats, polyunsaturated fats, refined sugars and hydrogenated oils, so it is best to avoid them.

5. Whole wheat bread

wholemeal bread

Do not think that by eating whole wheat bread and not white bread you are eating fewer calories.

  • Whole wheat bread has the same calories as ordinary bread .
  • The difference is that it gives us more fiber , which facilitates greater digestion and promotes intestinal transit, but nothing more.

6. Isotonic drinks

Isotonic drinks are ideal for athletes, as they serve to replace the salts and minerals lost after intensive exercise.

However, the amount of sugars that these drinks have suppose a great caloric contribution. Try to avoid them or opt for sugar-free versions.

7. pickles in brine


The cucumber is a great ally when it comes to dieting, but the pickles in brine are not, since they suppose a great contribution of sodium,  that is, salt. The salt is not only bad for health, but also makes you retain fluids and finish swollen.

8. Dry banana

The banana is a fruit with a high sugar content. Although consuming fruit is very healthy, there are certain fruits that you should avoid if you want to lose weight. This is the case of the dried banana that we find in the muesli, for example, since a portion of 85 grams contributes 441 calories .

9. Smoothies

Not all smoothies are healthy, so you have to be very careful with them. As with dried banana , if you’re looking to eat fruits, it’s better to eat it whole .

  • Some shakes are combined with sweeteners or with large amounts of sugar, and even with products such as yogurt or ice cream. It’s all a deception to make your “diet.”
  • So if you want to drink smoothies opt for those made by yourself, depurative, preferably , and in which the fruit is the base of the shake.
  • Of course, if you want to make the smoothie really healthy, do not add sugars, cream, chocolate or similar .


If you want to lose weight, in addition to going to the nutritionist to guide you better to achieve your goal , be careful and try to avoid these mentioned foods. Many times we are deceived by the media and are not as healthy as they sell them.