Workouts To Get Flat Abs

Woman Practising Yoga Next To The Swimming Pool

To show a flat stomach is not necessary to do sit-ups. There are alternative exercises that are equally effective. We show you how to make them.

We all want to show off a flat belly like a board and well marked like that of the models. However, nobody wants to do the typical abs! Why is it that they are so hated? Is there any way to avoid them or replace them?

In this article we tell you what exercises can help you to a flat abdomen without resorting to the typical and horrible routine that we all know.

Goodbye to the typical abdominals

If you do not want to go to the gym, you do not have time or you are one of those who leave after a few days of starting, we recommend that you carry out a home routine. Do not be scared … it does not include the typical abs!

You can enjoy exercise, lose weight and have a privileged body if you are constant and you also follow a balanced diet.

There are no excuses for not doing physical activity. A group of teachers and coaches designed a routine of 6 exercises that are completed in 40 minutes and repeated 3 times a week. These (if they are met to the letter) replace any session in the gym.

The conditions to practice and take advantage of the exercises are:

  • Spacious and airy space (can be the room moving the sofa place)
  • Early in the day (maximum finish at 9 in the morning)
  • Previous stretching of the joints (for 5 minutes)
  • Elongation or stretching at the end (also 5 minutes)

Exercises for a flat stomach

The exercises that will not only help you avoid the typical abdominals but also shape your figure are:

1. Climb and descend stairs

If you do not have stairs at home you can use a bank. Better yet if you bought the “climber”. The important thing is that the trot is energetic and without pause .

Practice for 15 to 20 minutes to burn approximately 200 calories . The climb must be fast and slow down to avoid injuries. Do not forget to keep your back straight at all times.

2. Squats


Maybe you do not like them that much, but something must be done to mark the abs well. The contractions of the belly when doing squats are perfect to leave it flat.

For every 100 squats 300 calories are lowered (to burn that same amount doing crunches … you must complete a series of 1000!).

Put your back straight. Take the broomstick and pass it behind your back. Open your legs a width of hips and bend your knees as much as you can. The idea is that you can hold the posture for a few seconds and then go up very slowly .

Start with a series of 10 and do not make less than 50 each day of training. When you have mastered the technique you can increase to a series of 15 repetitions. You can also add weight (with water bottles filled with sand, for example).

Exercises in the gym

Are you one of those who loves to lift weights or make tape in an environment full of people? Do you like to go to the gym to make friends and follow a routine indicated by a teacher? So these exercises may seem more appropriate to you.

Discuss with your coach to “approve.” Then, when doing sit-ups, change them for:

1. Bearings on stability ball

In this way you will achieve a greater mechanism of contraction-stretching without bending or flexing the spine too much (something quite dangerous and that can cause many pains).

2. Push-ups on the table and ball


Studies show that this exercise is 30% more effective than doing sit-ups on the floor . A board is placed on top of a ball and that is the point of support of the hands when doing the push-ups .

3. Climber

It is a unique exercise that allows you to work the oblique muscles without doing the typical lateral abdominals to achieve toning.

In addition, it provides greater abdominal strength and stability while keeping your lower back healthy (do not forget to be straight when using the climber).

4. Balloon push-ups

The big ball is used and serves to work the lower part of the abdominal muscles as well as the obliques.

You lie on the ball, stretch your arms and put your hands on the ground. Then you do push-ups. The legs are stretched. You will protect your back and gain balance and strength in the extremities .

5. Knee lifts

Knees to the chest

Also known as “knees to the chest” this exercise allows the belly to work when contracting . They may be a bit difficult at first but you will not raise your legs any more. The important thing is that you do not carry your torso forward.

The best exercise for the abdomen

Perfect belly

Of course you would like to show off the belly of someone who does thousands of weekly crunches. But the simple idea of ​​having to make them makes you desist.

The fitness area has answers for everything related to routines and ways to get more out of each exercise depending on our objective.

The technique is known as “static exercise” and is basically to ensure that the toes, elbows and forearms are responsible for supporting the entire weight of the body . But the biggest task will have the abdominals to hold the torso in position!

With 3 repetitions of 60 seconds each and 3 days a week it is as if you were doing almost 1000 crunches. Nothing wrong, right? The steps to follow are:

  • Put yourself in the same position of push-ups: from the floor to the floor, stretched legs and toes touching the floor.
  • Bend your elbows and put your forearms in front of your head. Rest on the mat so that your hands or fists are facing each other.
  • Lower your head to about 30 cm from the ground level and head down.

Then the only parts that will touch the floor are the tips of the feet, the elbows, the forearms and the hands or fists. Hold this position for 1 minute. Rest and repeat 2 more times.