4 Tips To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

To lose weight it is very important to be aware and motivated. Avoid alcohol and tobacco, practice sports, and lean on meditation and relaxation to combat anxiety

Weight is one of the most popular topics in our society.  The cult to an image of thinness, sometimes extreme, causes suffering to many people who try the impossible to lose weight and look like that stereotype, basically seeking approval and admiration.

But beyond aesthetics, there is a more substantial reason to avoid obesity: health.

Overweight and obesity are related to diabetes  and cardiovascular diseases. This rage to lose weight moves a lucrative industry that announces all kinds of “miracle” diets that do not favor health at all.

It is best to adopt healthy habits that maintain long-term results and benefit our health, instead of eagerly following the latest fad diet. Below, we offer you a guide to help you obtain the results you want in an optimal way.

Tips to lose weight

The first thing: to have everything clear

Before starting the diet, plan and ask yourself questions like: How much weight do I want to lose? In how much time? For what? Do I make the diet as self-care or self-punishment?

Be respectful and kind to yourself. Set a reasonable time and goal that does not subject you to torture, or that harm your health.

Pose a diet that you know you can meet, with short and long term goals. Ideally, you should consult with a nutrition specialist who will monitor your health during the process and help you plan it.

Avoid temptations

There is a resistance to change that leads us to perpetuate our old habits.  Get rid of junk food and everything that gives you empty calories without nutrients. Avoid going to places where they sell those things that you like and that you know you should not eat.

Be patient

The changes are not going to be seen overnight, so do not get discouraged or despair … If you feel frustrated, breathe deeply, visualize how you want to see yourself and have confidence that you will achieve it.

Find a support network

Surround yourself with those who help you achieve your goal. Tell your relatives, friends or coworkers that you are on a diet, ex-women why losing weight is important to you and ask them to collaborate with you.

Another way to stay motivated to lose weight is to diet with more people with whom you get along.  This way you can exchange ideas, expectations and frustrations, which makes the process more fun and even therapeutic!

Remember that diet is only one of the pillars of health and well-being. Perform  physical exercise , quit smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and practice meditation and relaxation to calm anxiety.

In addition to promoting the results of your diet and following good habits in general, it will make you feel incredibly well!