How To Choose The Right Diet To Lose Weight

Instead of calling it a diet, we could reconsider the possibility of maintaining those healthy habits and adopting them as a way of life. In this way we will avoid sudden changes in weight

Given the amount of new weight loss diets that appear constantly, it is difficult to determine what diet is adequate to cover your personal needs ; select according to what diet, can make the difference between losing weight and keep the weight lost, do not lose weight, or suffer rebound effect and recover the weight immediately after finishing the diet.


– Look for information on various diet plans , and determine if the diet is safe. A healthy diet plan should reduce caloric intake, but it should have essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals or proteins. It is also important that the diet suits your personal taste and your budget.

– Forget about diets that promise rapid rapid weight loss ; The best diets promote slow and steady weight loss.

– It would be important that you consult with a specialist, to help you select the diet and advise you on diets that suit your personal needs; as well as the diets you should avoid.

– Look for weight loss programs that increase physical activity ; Although diet helps you lose weight, the best results of healthy weight loss are achieved with a diet and exercise combined.

– Make a list of all the foods that are acceptable in your diet, and create a weekly menu.


The first thing you have to do is a list of the foods you eat often, and choose the healthiest ones.

You should be sure to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks between meals , and eat smaller portions more often , as it is essential to keep your metabolism active and burn off excess fat ; If you only eat once a day, you will hoard everything in the form of fat.

Make sure that at breakfast you include some carbohydrates for energy,especially if you are using exercise as you should, including breakfast cereals. You should also include calcium, to have strong bones, and because calcium intake has been linked to weight loss; therefore you should include low- fat yogurt, kefir or milk, and one or two pieces of fruit.

You can replace the fruit with some dried fruit , such as small amounts of almonds or nuts; although nuts bulge little, are very energetic and satisfactory, and are more acceptable than other less healthy options.

In the meal it always includes a plate of raw vegetables , in the form of a salad, that accompanies the pulses , pasta, rice, these last two being much healthier, if they are whole.

Between meals and snacks, choose fruits, juices or vegetable broths, and consume at least two liters of water daily, being allowed herbal tisanes without sugar. In the snack, choose fruits or low-fat yogurt.

In the dinner it includes proteins, like eggs, tofu, fish or lean meats , like the chicken or turkey, that you can accompany of purés or garrison of vegetables .

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