Perfect Exercise To Tone & Shape Your Buttocks

With a healthy and balanced diet and physical activity we can model our body and eliminate excess fat. There are also specific exercises to strengthen the glutes

The buttocks are one of the parts of the body that produce more pride or complex. Is not it worthwhile to know how you can improve the appearance of yours? To get it, we give you some ideas. In today’s article we will focus on how to increase and tone your buttocks.

This area of ​​the body requires a specific training to tone them, as well as an adequate diet . Increase daily physical activity is a requirement to define body volumes, taking care of our body and our health in every process.

Recommendations to help the buttocks

Eat well

Vegetable foods
A varied and balanced diet is the key to have an adequate figure and reach an optimal level of health.

There are many affirmations that say “you are what you eat” and your glutes are no exception. On the contrary, many times the fat accumulates in this area, something that on the other hand, we do not like very much. There are tempting foods, like sweets, chips and snacks , but unfortunately all those delicious calories give us volume in areas where we do not want it.

If we want to improve the appearance of our buttocks we must follow a healthy diet: rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and plenty of water. As well as reducing the content of foods high in fat , calories, sweets and salt. Thus, following an adequate diet will not only contribute to achieving the figure we want to have, but it will also help us to have a more optimal health.

It is worth remembering that it is more advisable to have several small meals a day, than to have very few but abundant meals. It is also recommended to eat every 3 hours, being able to choose between a yogurt , a handful of nuts or fruits, among other things.

do exercise

To tell the truth, it is not so complex to have perfect glutes. Taking into account the above, if you eat well and exercise, you can achieve it. It is not a miracle, just leave your laziness aside and dedicate at least 1 hour a day to your physical activity .

Any physical activity is used to burn calories and shape your figure. The important thing is to increase the time of daily activity with which to shape the body and improving overall health . In addition, there are more specific exercises to work the glutes with greater intensity.

Exercises to tone your buttocks

To tone the buttocks in an effective way it is advisable to perform physical activity, specifically focused on the hips and buttocks. Here are some of the exercises you can do to increase and tone your glutes.


Gluteal exercise: squats.
Gluteal exercise: squats.

It is an exercise that helps us shape the hips, also strengthen our thighs, and lift and tone our buttocks. In addition, there are many types of squats, each located in an area of ​​the gluteus and thigh.

Start in a standing position with your two legs shoulder-width apart, now slowly lower your hips without your torso is no longer upright and make your knees behind the tips of your toes. You just have to imagine that you want to push something back with your glutes. You can do three sets of fifteen repetitions.

Lunges or strides

Buttocks exercise: strides.
Buttocks exercise: lunges or strides.

Start by standing with your legs apart parallel to your hip height , now step forward and slowly lower your body by flexing both knees, make sure that the flexion is 90 ° and the knee of the leg that is forward to the same height of the ankle. All without supporting the other knee on the ground. Perform three sets of fifteen repetitions and then repeat with the other leg in front.

“The bridge”

Buttocks exercise: 'The bridge'
Buttocks exercise: ‘The bridge’

Lie facing upwards with your knees bent and your feet fully supported on the floor, lift your back a little with your buttocks, the most posterior part of the thighs and abdomen, until you achieve a diagonal line between the knees and shoulders.

This exercise is one of the most complete, as it helps strengthen the core, back and buttocks. Do three sets of twenty repetitions. You can also complicate it even more if you lift one of the two legs alternating them.

As you have seen, we present some exercises that you can do simply at home. The important thing to obtain an aesthetic and healthy body is to realize a healthy lifestyle , where daily physical activity and a balanced diet are represented. Do these exercises at home daily and you will notice their effects. Go ahead!