How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise

If you already know the benefits of a good habit, why not give yourself the opportunity to get down to work?

Given that there are more and more amenities that lead to a sedentary lifestyle, from comfortable furniture to electronic devices, it is increasingly difficult to motivate yourself to exercise. The impact of a sedentary lifestyle can manifest itself in multiple ways and all of them are evident to a greater or lesser extent.

In view of this, efforts have been made to promote good habits and, in particular, exercise. This requires an effort, leaving the comfort zone and a good motivation to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

How to motivate yourself to exercise

There is no denying the fact that starting a new habit or resuming it can be difficult. Many times we are aware that these provide benefits in the short, medium and long term, but even so, it is difficult to get down to work. 

People are accustomed to making a minimum effort every day, so anything that involves increasing effort does not sound pleasant. However, this is a prejudice; or, in other words, a distortion of reality. This is normal, since the human being is oriented towards the search for pleasure and comfort.

More actions, less excuses

Consequences of sedentary lifestyle

It is common to hear expressions such as “I do not have the time” or “I do not know where to go.” It is also common to choose to opt for excuses such as: »that is very difficult», »I will not achieve», »I have many responsibilities», »I prefer to rest», among others.

A sedentary life does not bring health benefits. And this is because sedentary lifestyle is often harmful to health.  Motivating yourself to exercise is difficult, but not impossible. If these tips are followed, you can get the body moving and put it into action.

Do not think so much

We all know, today, both the importance and the benefits of a good exercise routine. There is nothing to think about, if you spend a lot of time worrying about how, when, where, with what clothes to exercise, excuses arrive.

The best thing is to dare to take the first step and start. After acquiring the habit, we will worry about making the adjustments that are most convenient.

Step by Step

To motivate yourself to do exercises, you do not have to create false expectations . While we must take the first step without questioning, the routine should be developed progressively, in order to accustom the body to the activity and develop resistance in an appropriate way. Otherwise, we could force the body and mistreat it.

In other words, the exercises must be progressive. You do not have to demand too much when you start, you move forward little by little. Who is required to the maximum, the next day will be very painful and will not want to go out again. So it is recommended to go with caution, gradually increasing the time and intensity.

Recognize progress, no matter how small

Analyze the progress

It does not matter that fatigue and exhaustion are great after the first session. Afterwards we will feel satisfied and the next day it will be much better.

Each step brings us closer to our goal.  Whether it is enjoying good health or simply improving our personal appearance. So that the whole body gets healthier, and also on the outside, because the clothes will be better and that will raise self-esteem.

Think about loved ones

Exercising daily can even be a gesture of appreciation or affection for those people who encourage us every day and wish us the best. Likewise, exercising can also be a model to follow for others who have not yet taken the step.

For example, if you have children, they will be proud to have a father or mother who cares about your health. More important, they will also acquire the habit; The same goes for the couple.

Find a comfortable place

Where do you exercise? To motivate yourself to do exercises, you must have an appropriate space , in which we feel comfortable and willing to develop our physical activities.

  • A place that is, if possible, close to home ; since, when you have to travel very long distances, this can make us lose interest.

Choose a good schedule

The best integral exercises with weights

Choosing a good schedule is essential. As far as possible, avoid the coldest hour of the day as well as the hottest. For this we will take into account the season of the year.

It is not about increasing suffering more than necessary. On the contrary, we will try to make the effort as pleasant as possible.

Search a gym

A good way to motivate yourself to exercise is to pay for the services of a gym . When you pay, you want to take advantage of the investment.

It is one more motivation that tends to mobilize; nobody wants to give away their money. In this way, when we get lazy, we will remember that we have already paid the fee.

Visualize nice things

You have to think about all those things that can not be done today and those that can be done tomorrow. Travel, walks, excursions. Projects for which we will need to be fit.

  • Visualize yourself with a few kilos less or with defined legs, helps us to put ourselves into action to achieve it.

Put music and rhythm

Music to motivate yourself to exercise

Not all exercises have to be monotonous. Dancing is an excellent exercise, it is fun and can be done in a group . In addition, he develops rhythm and coordination in an amazing way.

However nowadays there is a great variety of activities that we can carry out, according to our tastes and aptitudes. Go ahead and try them all to decide!

Exercise in a group

To motivate themselves to exercise, many people need to count on the company of others. Among all are sought and encouraged, because there is a natural empathy because there is a common goal. A community based on affection is created that prevents enthusiasm from falling.

Getting motivated to exercise depends on many factors. Each person finds their own motivations You have to know how to look within yourself and choose those elements that awaken enthusiasm and desire to start and, most importantly, stay active.