How To Lose Weight Fast If You Are Overweight

Being overweight and wanting to reach the ideal weight through exercise, it is totally true that there is a disadvantage, but with a little effort you get very good results

A sedentary lifestyle has become part of the reality of most of the world’s inhabitants, whether due to time, lack of motivation or simply because of any excuse that may arise during the day. If you’re wondering how to start exercising when you’re overweight, keep reading!

After being in that state of permanent rest for a long time, the body begins to collect debts in the area of ​​your health. For this reason, it is necessary to exercise at least 3 times a week .

That’s when we ask ourselves, can I reach the goal when I’m overweight? Of course, you will even see the changes more quickly if you follow the physical and food rules to the letter.

Exercise when you are overweight

Starting an exercise routine when you are overweight can bring you a number of important benefits, such as the ones we see below:

  • Allows you to lose weight naturally
  • Improve physical endurance
  • Helps maintain mental health
  • Fight cellulite
  • Provide more energy for each day

How to start exercising?

Start exercising when you are overweight or a sedentary life can be complex, because you must change your habits to change your lifestyle. Are you willing to do it? Let’s see below the rules to get started in the sport despite those extra pounds.

1. Visit to a nutritionist

Rules to lose weight

It’s not about trusting any nutritionist. It is important to find a qualified dietitian and especially recommended by other people. This will avoid breaches and risks of a service without results.

He will remind you of the good eating habits you should adopt and will recommend the best types of foods according to your body and your traditional lifestyle.

2. Start by leaving the chair

It is not necessary to run a marathon to say that you are exercising, much less if it is your first day. What you must do to start is to get up from the desk chair and walk, be it at home or at work.

You can also make the effort to change your lifestyle, leave the car at home and walk to your destination. Remember that walking for at least 15 minutes a day makes the difference between a sedentary body and a healthy body .

3. One more step

Up and down stairs

During the first days of change, it can be hard to continue, because you are not used to exercising with continuity during the day.

However, once you have become accustomed to constant exercise, you can begin to pursue a higher goal, performing exercises led by a coach.

The coach will propose regulated routines according to the support and physical resistance you have for the moment. Thus, your sports sessions will be systematized.

4. Find any motivation

The reasons for exercising are never over, are essential to maintain the current motivation and want to move forward, without boring or rushing to the results.

To find a vision that makes you proud of what you are now beginning to do for your health, nothing better than focusing on seeing results. You can face small goals and then go bigger and bigger , without laziness or discouragement being an excuse.

Also, there is no better reason to exercise than to want to feel happy. When carrying out the routines, serotonin, endorphins and dopamine are secreted, the hormones of happiness and well-being.

5. Do not skip meals

nutritious meals

If you have tried to sauté a meal, you will realize that not only is it unhealthy, but it causes a rebound effect : when you feel that you have not eaten anything, you will want to consume twice as much at the next meal. In addition, skipping meals causes the loss of muscle mass progressively, which does not favor the health of your bones or your body.

6. One step forward

With the passage of time and with much perseverance, you will begin to see that you are losing kilos and your body brings you closer to the one you want. At the same time, the exercise is working together to tone up , gain muscle and change for the better.

You can not think about stagnating yourself, because by following you will find the success of what you were waiting for: a healthy body. It is also important to modify the exercise strategies, since over time you will require more plans and, with that, more achievements.

Always keep in mind that to start exercising with overweight , what you should do is put your foot on the ground and convince yourself that what you want, you have it!