Staying Motivated To Lose Weight & Tone Your Entire Body

We show you a complete routine to exercise all body parts and reaffirm it properly; keep in mind the previous heating to avoid injuries

With this complete routine we can reaffirm and tone our entire body with simple exercises that we can perform frequently and comfortably . The arrival of summer will allow us to take advantage of the greater number of hours of light to perform these exercises outdoors.

Remember that before making them it  is very important to prepare our muscles . Inadequate heating can cause joint and muscle injuries, especially with regard to the ligaments of the knee, ankle, shoulder and elbow.

Guidelines to consider for the complete routine

Before starting, it will be essential to keep in mind some guidelines that we must respect if we want to achieve long-term positive and lasting results. The best thing about this routine is that you do not have to go to a gym   or get special equipment for the exercises . Therefore, it has the advantage of not requiring an expense to develop it.

However, it will be key to commit to the following points:

  • We must perform the exercise at least three times a week . This will allow us to create a habit and not stop exercising after a few days. In addition, being constant will be essential to achieve real results.
  • It is important to respect the number of repetitions indicated . Although it costs, especially at the beginning, meeting them will allow us to squeeze the exercises to the fullest.
  • We must rest as short as possible after each exercise . If you have trouble finishing a series, stop for a few seconds to take a breath and finish it.

The complete routine is based on muscular, abdominal and cardiovascular toning. Therefore, we can combine each type of exercise throughout the week, with a rest day to recover.

Muscle toning exercises


For this type of exercise we must repeat three times each series, with a break of two minutes between each one.

25 push-ups

We place the body as a board, without lowering the head beyond the trunk and lower the trunk by flexing the arms until the chest touches the ground.

15 dominated

This exercise can be done with wooden bars that can be found in almost any park. In case of not being able to do full domination, we can help with a jump at the beginning of each one.

20 push-ups of triceps

Leaning on a bench and with legs stretched out, we flexed our arms in the form of inverted flexion . Afterwards, we will slowly climb up to the initial posture.

30 squats


Finally, we stand with our feet at shoulder height. With the back straight, we will lower the trunk until the buttocks pass the line of the knees.

Abdominal toning exercises

This part of the complete routine will be somewhat more demanding. We must perform three complete series without resting between exercises or between series.

75 multi-hop

Standing up, we jumped on the site opening our legs while clasping our hands over our heads.

25 burpees

Again, starting on foot, we crouched down with our hands on the ground until we were squatting. Then we  stretch our feet backwards as if to bend , and we jump up again.

50 abdominals


We lie on our backs and raise our legs to 90º with the trunk . Then, we lower our legs little by little until we touch the ground with our heels .

Cardiovascular toning exercises

To complete the complete routine, we will perform three sets of exercises of this type, again without resting between sets or between exercises.

Front Skipping

We stand up and, without moving from the site, we imitate the movement of a race. We must raise the knees and move the arms for 15 seconds.

15 burpees

We performed 15 repetitions of burpees , in the same way as in the abdominal toning part of the complete routine.

15 taco outputs

Placed on the ground in such a way as if we were going to start a race, we alternated the feet with a small jump.

12 chest jumps

The last exercise that we will perform will start while standing and jumping on the tips of your feet. During the jump, we must bring the knees to the chest.

With the exercises of this complete routine we can achieve a total toning of the body, in a simple way and almost anywhere. We will only need an open space, like a park or an open room. In addition, we can accompany the training sessions with music to make the exercises more enjoyable.