7 Keys To Eating Successfully To Lose Weight

Mindful eating can be everything your body needs to satisfy your needs, both physical and psychological, and get the maximum benefit from food

The mindful eating ( “conscious eating”) is not a diet, but a trend.

It is a new way of understanding food that, if we apply it well, can bring us great results.

We are sure that you have heard the word “mindfulness” on more than one occasion.

In fact, it is even likely that you apply this method of meditation so useful to reduce stress and develop, in turn, a fuller awareness of our reality.

We also know that, in terms of losing weight, such as when it comes to regulating stress or that ” emotional hunger ” that we are all assaulted from time to time, there are many techniques and approaches that do not always offer us the result we expect.

However, it never hurts to try new options.

At some point we will find that technique, that ideal advice or strategy that, suddenly, fits our needs to change our lives : to help us lose weight and enjoy good health.

Today in our space we want to talk about  mindful eating . We are sure that, at least, you will find it interesting.

What is the mindful eating

The mindful eating part of one ‘s mindfulness . In this case, the purposes that are intended to be achieved are the following:

  • Practicing mindfulness is very useful for each and every area of ​​our life.
  • Food is an essential part of our existence and, therefore, we must also apply this strategy in this fundamental area from which both adults and children can benefit.
  • Today, many of us eat surrounded by stimuli : television, radio, the sounds of the city or work, stress, the rumor of our thoughts and concerns …
  • And even our dishes are “saturated” sometimes by an excessive combination of flavors, colors and smells.
  • All this causes, sometimes, a mental saturation where we stop focusing on what really matters: our food.
  • We just satiate our emotions, but not the organism. We forget to feed our body as it truly deserves and needs.
  • Food is for many people an area to vent emotions . It is something pleasant that allows us to channel the anxiety and stress.

Therefore, it is a dimension that we must “control” and where mindful eating can help us.

How to apply mindful eating

Mindful Eating

1. Drink a glass of water before eating

Something as simple as drinking a glass of water before meals will help you reduce your anxiety and lose weight.  It is also an effective technique to regulate our emotional hunger and to facilitate digestion.

Remember that drinking water while eating tends to hinder the absorption of nutrients or to overfill our stomach. So, the ideal is to drink a glass before eating.

It will make you feel better.

2. Eat in a quiet place, quietly

We know that it is not always possible to eat in tranquility. Sometimes eating with a family means having to attend, talk, laugh, discuss and listen to television. Everything at once!

All these stimuli will make us not aware of our diet, that we will not taste those dishes, those fruits , those vegetables or that meat as we really need. Almost without realizing it, we eat too much and badly .

So, whenever possible, eat quietly and calmly.

3. Do not eat if you’re not hungry

Sometimes, we go to a restaurant or eat with some friends and we force ourselves to finish our dishes without being hungry. It is not adequate.

  • Also, it is also common to sit at the table and eat because it is time, or because we are bored or angry, or even tired . Sometimes, we even believe that eating is the solution to all worries.
  • The mindful eating technique tells us that before eating too much or feeding yourself because you are nervous, the ideal thing is to take a shower, go for a walk or talk with someone.

Food should be carried out when we are relaxed, focused on the here and now.

4. You have to eat everything

Eat healthy

Feeding consciously means eating a little of everything , without forbidding anything but without committing excesses. Good nutrition is varied, but also relaxed and responsible.

  • This technique requires you to eat in a varied way while calmly chewing food, enjoying them and having full awareness of the here and now.

To achieve this, you can carry out this type of verbalization: “I’m eating, I enjoy what I eat and I’m calm, I’m not in a hurry. I’m fine”.

5. Be the last to finish eating

Hurry is our worst enemy in food.  If you eat fast you will swallow, whether you want it or not, more than what is due and, in turn, your digestions will be much heavier.

  • Eat slowly. Always remember that, after 20 minutes since you have started eating, your stomach will tell you that it is satiated (not your mind), that it is worth eating well and without haste.

And if you’re the last one to finish, the better.

6. Half an hour of exercise per day

Go for a run, walk, dance , ride a bike … Practice the aerobic activity that pleases you most, but keep moving every day . It is fundamental for your mind and your body.

7. Practice meditation

Mindful Eating
  • The mindful eating is nourished, after all, mindfulness . Therefore, it would not make sense in itself if we did not carry out some meditation exercise throughout the day.
  • Choose the moment that best suits your routines. The morning, for example, before anyone gets up and when dawn lights our room calmly invites, undoubtedly, a small moment of meditation.

Try these simple techniques and find out if it helps you feel a little better and lose a few pounds.