How To Get Rid Of Double Chin With These Simple Exercises

Although the appearance of the double chin may be due to genetic and age issues, there are some exercises that can help us reduce it.

The double chin is a rather unsightly formation usually produced by the accumulation of fat in the neck. To eliminate it, we show you a simple exercise routine.

Causes of the double chin


The causes of the appearance of this part of the body can be very varied. On the one hand, it may be due to an excess of fat in the chin area . This is often related to an overweight or obese situation .

On the other hand, the double chin can also appear as a consequence of fat located in this area, even without the existence of overweight or obesity.

This problem is usually due to genes inherited from our family, which cause our body tend to accumulate more fat in the neck than normal , instead of in other areas of the body.

Finally, the existence of jowls can also be due to the decrease in the tone of the skin, or rather to a looseness of the fatty tissue, as a consequence of the above.

The deterioration of the skin in the neck area can cause the neck to become more flaccid , giving rise to the appearance of the double chin. Faced with this problem, it is not enough to try to eliminate fat from the neck, as in the other cases: we have to work on recovering the tension in the skin of the neck.

Exercises to reduce the double chin

To reduce this unsightly accumulation of fat in this part of the body, we show you some simple exercises that you can do during the day to day:

Kissing exercise

This first exercise to eliminate the double chin is based on extending the neck while we gently pull the head back. In addition, we can help with a look at the ceiling to get a better position.

  • Next, we should purse our lips in a kiss. We will try to extend them to the maximum , until noticing a hardening in the muscles of the neck and the chin.
  • We can hold this position for about 15 seconds and repeat it every day.

Remove the tongue

This exercise is very simple, since you only need to stick your tongue out of your mouth as much as possible:

  • We will try to maintain that position also for about 15 seconds.
  • Just about 10 repetitions a day will be enough for this exercise to be effective against the double chin.

Neck rotation

For this exercise you have to lift your chin and carry it from one shoulder to another, successively.

  • We should try to make this movement in a semicircle .
  • The idea is to go through the chest by bringing the head from one side to the other of the torso.

Exercise of the vowels

This is another very simple exercise. Just stand with your back completely straight:

  • After this, we will open our mouth as much as we can and we will begin to say the vocal letters , in a slow and very pronounced way.
  • For its ease and softness, we can repeat this exercise as many times as we can throughout the day.

Chin lift

This exercise should also be performed while standing and with the back straight, as in the previous case.

  • After this, we will look at the ceiling raising the chin progressively and maintaining the position for about 10 seconds. In doing so, we will feel the effort and tension in the muscles under the jaw.
  • We must repeat the exercise about 10 times each day to achieve effective results.

Language movements

This exercise is also very simple, as well as especially discreet. Therefore, we can do it at any time of the day, without worrying about whether someone looks at us or not .

  • To do so, just move your tongue in circles, trying to reach the lower and upper palate.
  • As we have said, its ease and discretion will allow us to do it as many times a day as we want, and in any situation.

To pout

This exercise for the jowl is very similar to the kiss.

  • To do this, simply put your mouth in the position of an inverted smile , simulating the pouting of a small child.
  • With this practice we can work well the muscles of the neck, in which we will notice a great tension, especially in the lateral ones.

Chew gum

Finally, another interesting practice that we can do at any time of the day is chewing gum. To avoid problems we recommend that it be without sugar.

  • By chewing gum, we will be moving the jaw and working the muscles of the neck to reduce the jowls.