Fruits To Help You Lose Weight

After a copious meal it is advisable to consume pineapple to degrease. Thanks to its high fiber content and bromelain helps us eliminate toxins and not gain weight

Getting a flat stomach is something we all want. Not only for health reasons, but also for aesthetic reasons. The clothes feel better, we have a more stylized figure and we feel happier. But how can we achieve it? With some effort and with the most suitable fruits. We tell you what they are.

Fruits to get a flat stomach

First of all we must make clear one aspect that nutritionists tell us: it is impossible to have a flat stomach 24 hours a day. Not every day, either.

There are foods that inevitably will swell us a little and there are times when digestion causes us to see ourselves with a little more bulging gut. Leaving this aside. If we take care of our diet, we can eliminate part of that localized fat.

You already know that it is necessary to drink a lot of water, restrict the consumption of fats, refined flours and salt. All this not only causes us to increase weight, but also favors the retention of liquids. But let’s go now to the appearance of the fruit. Why can you help me?

Basically because it exercises a thermoregulatory activity. The fruits:

  • They help burn fat.
  • They favor the intestinal movement.
  • They favor the elimination of toxins.

There are fruits that allow us to even eliminate lipids. Many of them have a very healthy fiber that prevents inflammation of our belly and, thanks to its flavonoids, help us burn fat and lose weight. So, it is worth relying on the fruit to improve our health and get a flat stomach.

You can take them both in natural juices and in whole pieces for breakfast, or as salads for your lunches. They provide you with vitamins and minerals, a natural and very favorable resource for your daily well-being. Do we take note then? Excellent!

The best fruits to burn fat

1. The benefits of the green apple

apple - obesity

Especially those of the Granny Smith variety. Surely you know, is that delicious green apple that, according to scientists at the University of Washington, gives us incredible elements to fight against fat. It gives us a type of compound that cleans the colon and intestine, burning fats and toxins, also favoring the growth of “friendly” bacteria.

According to this study, the green apple gives us vitamins and polyphenols, in addition to very few carbohydrates. It is the ideal food to consume twice a day, perfect to get a flat stomach.

2. The energizers bananas

The banana, for its richness in potassium helps balance the body's water by counteracting sodium.
The banana, for its richness in potassium helps balance the body’s water by counteracting sodium.

So is. Many people think that bananas raise weight, but in reality it is not like that. The most advisable is to consume one a day, and especially in the morning or at night. They are rich in potassium and thanks to this we manage to balance the sodium levels in the organism. All this will help us avoid fluid retention and feel lighter. Do not hesitate!

3. The anti-inflammatory effect of papaya


Are you passionate about papaya? Or do not you consume it at all? Well from now on you can not miss on your shopping list. Papaya, in addition to giving us a high level of vitamin C, is a fruit with incredible anti-inflammatory properties .

It helps eliminate toxins, balance our body and facilitate digestion. It is worth consuming it as salads in our lunches, being able to combine it with other fruits, such as kiwis or strawberries. They are delicious and good allies to get a flat stomach. Are you going to lose them?

4. Forest fruits


We know that it is not easy to get them in the markets nor consume them daily. But if you have the opportunity to make blackberries, raspberries, blueberries or strawberries, do not hesitate, your health will thank you and your belly may be reduced.

Its secret lies in its protective and healing effect for our entire digestive and intestinal system . Prevents infections , inflammations, facilitates digestion and takes care of our intestinal flora. It exerts a healing action also for our bladder. They are, in essence, very medicinal fruits suitable to feel better and also to lose weight. They clean us inside, they protect us.

5. The benefits of lemon


You already know that in our space we love to talk about the great benefits of lemon. We recommend you to consume the lemon in fasting, a natural juice mixed with a glass of natural water. It is a simple remedy that allows you to purify the body , cleaning yourself inside, eliminating, burning lipids, providing vitamin C and strengthening your immune system … A marvel to the access of anyone you should not let escape.

6. The health of the pineapple

Pineapple juice

An ally to get a flat stomach. The pineapple has high in bromelain. Do you know what this enzyme is for? To absorb proteins, to get a large amount of indissoluble fiber that facilitates the elimination of toxins and intestinal health. A tasty fruit that you can drink naturally or in juices.

Do not resist, you can consume the amount you want and never make you gain weight, a natural wonder that we can all benefit from. What are you waiting for?

Incorporate these fruits in your usual diet to get a flat stomach. Healthy eating will help you feel better about yourself.