6 Diet Traps That Prevent You From Losing Weight

If we want to lose weight in a healthy way we must follow a balanced diet and not be carried away by false myths about nutrition that will prevent us from achieving our goal.

It is not a secret that food is the key to losing weight. However, they continue to carry bad eating habits that prevent achieving the desired result.

Even many expose the body to nutritional deficiencies and side effects that directly affect physical and emotional health.

That is why it  is essential to know the “traps” that prevent losing weight in a healthy and permanent way.

1. Base the diet on “light” foods

Base diet on light and whole foods to lose weight

“Light” foods are those that contain fewer calories or fats with respect to their usual presentation. To compensate, they are usually added more sugars and  chemical derivatives  .

Therefore, these processed , not only prevent us from losing weight, but also affect the nutritional quality of the diet.

2. Choose a “miracle” diet

The popular “miracle” diets are a type of nutrition poor in nutrients that, although they give results in a short time, can cause serious side effects.

They are extremely hypocaloric, and to maintain the calorie intake in the established limit, the necessary nutrients are not reached. In addition,  along with the loss of fat the muscle mass is reduced , necessary to keep the body strong and healthy.

The worst thing is that when the diet is finished, the lost weight is usually recovered very easily.

3. Believe that all salads are valid

salad to lose weight

The consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in  salads is a very healthy option for those who are trying to reach their ideal weight. However, a common trap is to believe that all salads are valid for weight loss.

Many recipes contain foods rich in calories and fats:  processed dressings, pasta, cheeses … are often a bad choice when trying to lose weight.

4. Eliminate sources of fat

Foods with high fat contents are the ones feared by people who want to lose weight.

However, it is proven that suppressing them completely can cause negative reactions, both in the metabolism and in general health.

Some types of fats, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, provide the body with many benefits and help control harmful fats.

Foods rich in healthy fats , such as olive oil, avocado or fish, increase energy levels, provide satiety and are very nutritious.

5. Eat only carbohydrates

take less carbohydrates to lose weight

The key is to choose the most suitable hydrates and consume them in a moderate way.

Excess carbohydrates can trigger blood sugar levels. If the body does not need glucose immediately, it will store it in the form of fat. To avoid it, opt for foods with a low glycemic index, which keeps glucose levels more stable, and also, are more nutritious.

6. Prepare tasteless dishes

Eating healthy does not have to be synonymous with tasteless dishes, monotonous and little stimulating for the palate. A balanced diet includes all the nutrients, which must be obtained from different foods.

The important thing is to learn to moderate the portions, and to ensure that fruits and vegetables occupy most of the dish.

There are many mistakes that can lead to failure when you want to lose a few kilos. Try to avoid them as much as possible and adopt a healthy and complete eating plan.