The Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Among the most complete exercises to lose weight we find boxing that, far from being an aggressive activity, allows us to increase resistance and improve coordination

There is no doubt that both diet and sports go hand in hand if we want to lose weight . But many times we do not know what routine to choose to achieve optimal results. In this article we tell you what are the best exercises to lose weight .

Exercises to lose weight

Because physical activity is essential to lose weight, it would be good to find the one we like the most and, at the same time, help us achieve our goal.

If you want to lose weight we recommend the following exercises:

1. Walks

We start with something simple, playful and that anyone can practice regardless of age.

Going out to the street and enjoying a beautiful landscape would be ideal. However, if you do not have time or live in the city you can, for example, go to the market walking and not by car or leave it parked further. In this way you will “force” yourself to walk.

The walk does not have to be “linear”, which means that during the tour you are allowed to go up and down stairs .

Another good reason to put the lift aside and get to the office or house step by step, and if you carry shopping bags or heavy objects, the better.

2. Spinning


For this exercise you either need to buy a stationary bike or sign up for classes with a teacher. In the event that you can not do either, riding a bicycle can be an excellent idea.

The spinning is basically pedaling exercises at different speeds and loads to the rhythm of very fun fashion songs .

An ideal plan to have fun, lose weight and improve the cardio-respiratory system.

3. Aerobics

The aerobics are the best exercises to lose weight and also has a playful character. That is why it is the favorite of many women who hate going to the gym. It’s as simple as walking, running, swimming, dancing, doing gymnastics or zumba. A routine of one hour allows to strengthen the legs, buttocks and hips almost without realizing it.

In a class you can lose up to 400 calories.

4. Jumps to the rope


This activity, besides being very beneficial, brings back memories of when we were children.

Jumps rope or rope are fun, improve our heart and respiratory health. They can be considered effective weight loss exercises and we do not need much. We can even do it at home and borrow this item from our children!

The burning of calories in this exercise is surprising, since it is among the most effective disciplines . In turn, resistance increases and it helps us when we want to practice other sports.

5. Swimming

It is one of the most complete exercises to lose weight that exist and, in addition, it is among those that more calories allow us to burn.

Some swimming lessons per week, or at least a few lengths each day, are enough to exercise the whole body and increase muscle coordination.

  • One hour in the pool burns around 400 calories. The best thing of all is that, being submerged in the water, we do not realize the effort that we actually make.

6. Running

You do not have to train to participate in a marathon or run very fast. This exercise can be a second step when we start with the walk.

With adequate footwear and somewhere to run without problems (a park, a training track, etc.) is enough.

The improvements are not only related to the loss of kilos, but also with the increase of resistance and the improvement of cardiovascular health.

A 30-minute session can make us lose up to 400 calories. If you can not run and you get bored walking you can try the trot, an excellent exercise for your heart.

7. Skate

One hour of skating can translate into about 300 fewer calories. And meanwhile you will be having a great time with your group of friends.

Skating is an increasingly popular activity among adults, who organize trips to different parks or public spaces. And it is a playful activity that, at the same time, has benefits for your health.

8. Boxing


Before you think you should get into the ring and fight, you should know that there are many recreational boxing classes for all ages .

You can learn the basics of sports, hit the sack with all your strength and enjoy the wonderful benefits of a more than complete discipline.

In addition to losing weight you will increase your endurance, enjoy wonderful heart health and feel more confident about yourself.

Among the activities that are practiced in the classes include:

  • Jumps to the rope
  • ABS
  • Aerobics
  • Muscular coordination

9. Crossfit

It is one of the exercises to lose weight that has become fashionable in recent times.


It is based on military training and was designed for those who want to model the body without spending hours lifting weights in the gym. The crossfit combines aerobics with those that increase resistance .

Finally, you should bear in mind that any sport or physical activity is healthy and can help you lose weight . There are many other beneficial practices, for example, the Burpee, which are a series of 4 exercises for cardiovascular work, or HIIT training routines, in which you exercise with great intensity.
On the other hand, performing crunches will help strengthen and tone the belly, which is a good complement to our task of losing weight.

There are no excuses for not playing sports, and if you’re not passionate, you can always just dance . By doing this activity you can lose between 600 and 700 calories per hour . So, encourage and take action!