The Best Exercises To Work The Crotch

The exercises to work the crotch also help us tone other areas of the body, so they are a complete activity highly recommended to achieve a comprehensive job.

The crotch is an area of ​​fat accumulation that is not usually worked. However, toning that part of the body will be important for an athletic body. Therefore, we show you a complete exercise routine to strengthen the thighs and crotch.

Because the crotch is not an area commonly used in daily activities, this area may not be used to intense physical exercise. Therefore, it is best to start the routine with a few minutes of warm-up .

You can tone the crotch at home with a series of exercises 3 or 4 times a week. In addition, you can combine all these exercises with other types to work different areas, such as the chest, abdomen, legs or arms.

1. Crossed strides

It is the first exercise to strengthen the crotch will directly affect the muscles of that area. On the other hand, it will also allow us to work the glutes and will serve as a fairly complete exercise for the entire leg.

  • To do this, we must stand upright and completely straight.
  • Next, we will alternate zancandas with each leg, wide enough so that both knees form a 90 degree angle, passing the forward leg in front of the other .
  • Finally, we will return to the starting position to re-do the movement with the other leg.

2. Frog folds

This second exercise for the crotch is quite simple and will not tire us as much as the previous one.

  • What we have to do is lie down with our backs and our arms resting on the ground.
  • Afterwards, we will flex the legs, taking them to the chest .
  • Finally, we will stretch them again, making an obtuse angle with them and our trunk. We must try not to touch the floor with our legs while doing the exercise . This will allow us to work both the crotch and the lower abdominals.

3. Scissor kicks to work the crotch

Like the previous one, this exercise will allow us to work both the crotch and the lower abs .

  • To do this, we will lie on our back with arms outstretched and resting on the ground.
  • We will raise our legs slightly and maintain this position . During the exercise, we only have to lift our legs in an alternative way, keeping them straight and without resting any on the ground.

4. Squats

Woman doing squats with dumbbells.
Squats are very effective exercises to strengthen your crotch.

If we wish, we can add weight to this exercise, which we will hold with our hands in order to get a more intense work in the crotch muscles.

  • To do so, we must stand with our backs straight.
  • Next, we will open our legs until we reach the height of the shoulders and lower the trunk until we reach the height of the hip.
  • Finally, we will return to the initial position. It will be important to do this exercise slowly, so that the muscles do not receive an excessive impactand we may end up suffering an injury.

5. Side strikers

This exercise for the crotch will achieve an effect similar to crossed strides , and will allow us to work all the muscles of the lower train to enjoy better toned legs.

  • To do this, we must stand with our backs straight.
  • Afterwards, we will open one of the legs, which we will keep straight, while we flex the other and slightly lower the trunk to accompany the movement.

6. Hip opening

This exercise is also quite simple and comfortable, since it is done lying down and without excessive physical effort.

  • We will stand on our side and with our knees slightly bent .
  • Next, we will open the leg that we do not have stuck to the ground.
  • After a few repetitions, we can turn around to continue working on the other side of the body.

7. Hip bridge exercise

Woman lifting the hip.
In addition to the crotch, with this exercise you will exercise balance and abdomen.

This exercise will be done lying face up and, although it is more comfortable thanks to that, it will also be somewhat more demanding than the others.

  • We must flex one of our legs and stretch the other up. In addition, we can open the arms in cross to be able to maintain better balance during exercise.
  • Next, we must raise the hip, keeping us supported on one of the feet and in the shoulder area.
  • During the repetitions, we must try not to get to support the hip on the floor , to keep the crotch and buttocks working well throughout the exercise.

With these exercises we will be able to work properly on the crotch to eliminate the flaccidity of that area. Thus, we will have more stylized legs and better toned.