Top 3 Reasons Why Men Switch Off Their Love

By Slade Shaw
Author of Why Men Pull Away

Learn exactly what pushes men to leave…and how to NEVER feel abandoned or rejected

Why Men Pull Away…and What Makes Them STAY In Love

Top 3 Reasons Why Men Switch Off Their Love

Have you ever dated a man where everything has been going great, you have both completely fallen for each other, and then all of a sudden he has completely pulled away from you?

And you have NO IDEA what on earth went wrong?

Today I will give you some of the answers to this great mystery. I will reveal the TOP THREE reasons why men suddenly switch off their love.

And better yet, I will explain how you can STOP this from happening.

This is something we ALL need to know!

1. When physical attraction goes from red-hot to barely lukewarm.

It’s true – men are visual creatures. Love is always sparked off initially by physical attraction. And even as that love deepens, attraction still plays a major part in a man’s desire to be with a woman.

So if a guy remains physically attracted to a woman there is a much higher chance he will stay committed to the relationship, even during tough times.

Usually, the reason that a man’s physical attraction dwindles is down to a feeling that his partner has ‘let herself go’ and doesn’t bother putting effort into her appearance anymore.

Every woman in a relationship probably reduces effort in their appearance to some extent (heck, every guy too).

We seduce our man through sexy outfits, a careful hair and beauty routine, and toned legs gained through hard work at the gym.

Then once the honeymoon period has ended, we relax and stop making such an effort.

The tight jeans or pantyhose we used to wear get replaced with track pants or leggings more and more often, as we opt for the comfier option.

Likewise, we may forfeit hours at the gym for cuddling up on the couch with our man-eating crisps and pizza.

Although a little bit of weight gain shouldn’t matter, if a woman puts on a lot of weight as the relationship progresses, a guy can lose physical attraction for her – having a sense of ‘this isn’t what I signed up for’.

In fact, as is explained in ‘For Women Only’ by bestselling author Shaunti Feldhahn, a man actually directly relates the EFFORT that his girlfriend or wife puts into her appearance to the degree that she cares for him.

This may be a little hard to hear, but the good thing is that the effort you put into your appearance is under YOUR control. You have the ability to make improvements in this area and work to accentuate your best features.

And the great thing is that research has shown that most guys are more than willing to offer their support when it comes to helping their partner to get into shape.

So get your man on board – ask him to work out with you and agree to cut down on high-fat or sugary foods together. This will make it A LOT easier – believe me.

And put some extra effort into feeling sexy and dressing up for your man. Throw old any old, warn clothes, get a haircut, and slink into those butt-hugging jeans he loves.

The results will be amazing!

2. When praise and appreciation get replaced with criticism and nagging.

Men love to be appreciated and admired by their partners. If a guy knows his girlfriend is happy, he will be happy.

But what makes him lose interest is when his girlfriend stops showing her praise and admiration for him and instead starts to complain and demand things from him all the time.

A man who senses that he cannot earn his partner’s admiration will slowly start to lose interest in the relationship – and may start looking out for women in his life who DO admire him.

Men hate to be nagged and if it happens too often they tend to just switch off.

If a woman is too critical all the time, her man will no longer feel that he can make her happy. He will start feeling like a failure – a way no man wants to feel.

Feeling disrespected and criticized is NOT what a guy wants long-term. So he will start thinking about getting himself out of the relationship ASAP.

So whenever you find yourself nagging your man, stop and think about what you are really wanting to achieve.

Remember, guys, respond a lot better to positive feedback than negative feedback (don’t we all!).

Usually, you will find that if you start showing more praise and admiration for all of the things he is doing RIGHT, rather than pointing out what he is doing wrong, he will be naturally more motivated to try and please you.

Because being praised and appreciated feels GOOD.

3. An unfulfilling or barely existent sex life.

The truth about man and sex, we discussed exactly what sex means to men and why it is so important to your relationship.

I can’t stress this point enough ladies – never under-estimate the importance of a fulfilling sex life to men.

When a man is deprived of sex in a relationship, the quality of the relationship can quickly go downhill.

Why? Because for guys, being sexually rejected can cause a big ball of insecurities to come bubbling up from beneath the surface.

Including not being desirable, not being enough of a ‘man’ and not being capable of turning his partner on.

Guys need sex to maintain intimacy and connection with their partners. Sex gives them a release they can’t get from anything else and it is the gateway to opening up their emotional side.

Although you and your man may not have sex quite as often as you did in the passion-crazed time when you first got together, if your sex life has steadily declined during your relationship, this may be setting warning bells off in your guy’s head.

But again, your sex life is something you CAN do something about. Putting effort and energy into your sex life may be just the thing which saves your relationship. Because believe me, sex is one of the things which will make your man feel the most loved.

So there you have it ladies – the real and honest top three things which cause men to switch off their love. Take his advice on board and you will forever have a happy and loving man by your side.

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